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Featured Company

ANON AI logo


Anonymous Intelligence Company, Inc. (ANON) is pioneering a new era, of privacy-focused, enterprise-grade AI platforms that optimizes workflow, and streamlines operational efficiencies across the enterprise application stack.

Welcome to Anonymous Intelligence Company, where we are pioneering the world of decentralized networks, computational intelligence, and privacy technologies. Our focus is to develop cutting-edge AI products that bring consumers and businesses together. You can trust that our proprietary solutions will bridge the gap in the modern technology landscape. 

Explore ANON AI Investor Presentation


EMC has been paid $220,000 by Anonymous Intelligence Company, Inc.| Please read our full disclaimer.

Traders Times Recommended Stocks To Watch

Volt Lithium

Allied Copper Graphic

Volt Lithium is pioneering a transformative approach to lithium extraction from oil field brine water, with recent successful pilot production demonstrating the commercial viability of their innovative IES-300 DLE technology. (EMC has been paid $500,000 by Volt Lithium Corp.)


Allied Copper Graphic

GoLogiq, Inc. (OTC:GOLQ) is a U.S.-based leading global provider of mobile solutions for digital transformation and financial inclusion in Southeast Asia and emerging markets since 2014. GoLogiq’s platforms have the capacity to scale to millions of users and hundreds of thousands of merchants across diverse markets with multi-language and multi-currency support. (EMC has been paid $75,000 and 300,000 restricted shares by GoLogiq, Inc. and has been paid an additional $25,000 by Lynette Hannahs on behalf of GoLogiq, Inc.)